News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200220

Published: 19/02/2020

New features
[Cloud Infra] Enhanced storage switches with better fault tolerance
[Cloud Bare Metal] Remote bios management now possible with VPN
[Cloud Bare Metal] Now with Hyper Converge Infrastructure support
[Office 365] Now available in SuperScaler for automated ordering
[Console] Agreement and policies made available now in 1 place for easy access
[Community] Relaunch community portal

Bug fixes
[Console] Fixed: Ticket rating did not work
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Client Area service listing does not update to show server IP address.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Server termination is marked successful even if delete task failed in proxmox.
[UserAPI] Fixed: The contact could not be created correctly
[UserAPI] Fixed: The method to retrieve the contact list does not work correctly
[WebSpace] Fixed: Some widgets do not work properly when the account password is not set

Knowledge Base Updates
[Console] How to change remove saved credit card
[WebSpace] How to check mail from other account using map on gmail
[WebSpace] How to import and export webmail contacts
[Console] How to change services billing cycle
[Cloud Servers] How to change cloud servers billing cycle