News: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20201107

Published: 07/11/2020

New Features
[UserAPI] Added: Methods for removeClientCreditCard, editClientACH, removeClientACH
[Domains] Added: Interface changes for easier management
[SpamExperts] Improved: Added 5 new IPs to MX cluster for Email delivery
[Cloud Server] Improved: Increased port speed to 100Mbps for all Cloud Servers in Hong Kong
[Cloud Infra] Updated: Upgraded to the latest kernel

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Date picker input does not work well
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Order pages are not working properly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Product shows a setup fee in the cart by error.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Unable to submit domain contact if the non-contact field is marked as required.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: MX priority is greyed out
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Fields for client registration when placing an order are not displayed correctly
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Generated QR code does not include the correct name
[SuperScaler] Fixed: It was possible to edit final invoice when setting for allowing this was disabled
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Missing "Private" label for such subnets in the client portal